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A new STEM Technology Education lab was donated by KELVIN® to
East Rockaway High School following the Hurricane Sandy destruction.

East Rockaway High School Donation

Pictured at KELVIN® Educational Center (from left to right): 
Nick Cimorelli, Assistant Principal James Detommaso,
KELVIN® C.E.O. Avi Hadar and Hugh Howard.

AviAfter the devastation of Hurricane Sandy, East Rockaway High School on Long Island lost their entire technology lab and approached Mr. Avi Hadar, KELVIN® C.E.O., for help. Mr. Hadar was happy to help rebuild the STEM Lab (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) with state of the art equipment and supplies. Thankfully, the lab is now back in operation.

In addition to several major items like a wind tunnel, wind generators and robotic arms, a number of bulk packs, balsa wood, project parts and hand tools including soldering equipment, were also donated. The entire school request, as approved, cost over $23,000.

Tech Lab



Part Number Description

841564 Classview Timer w/No CO2 Track

840445 (2) Maglev Tracks 8ft.

840614 Kel-Wind Tunnel III

841410 Lift and Drag Sensor

840877 Bridge and Tower Tester Analog

842082 (5) Power Grid Labs

652520 (10) Mini Model Homes

842100 (2) Wind Farm Labs

841957 Kelrobotics Deluxe Package

841046 (3) Robotic Arm and Manual Controller

841356 Robotic Arm Arena

841333 (20) Robotic Arm Kits

840723 Hydrabasics Trainer

360029 (10) Investigating Electricity Labs

841980 (10) Electronics Experiment Trainer

842268 (3) Wind Turbine Generators

840756 (2) Introduction to Electronics Lab

390555 No Co2 Blanks
640090 (2) Maglev Magnets
850887 (30) Motors
990175 (3) Propellers
851315 (3) Propellers
851459 (6) Propellers
851107 (10) Propellers
850891 (10) Propellers
841416 Ev Racer Bulk Pack
841256 (10) Gearbox Car Kits
841414 Mousetrap Essentials Bulk Pack
970280 1/8 x 1/8 Balsa Wood Class Pack
390439 (5) Round Head Pins
520596 (10) EZ Cutters
842035 (5) Solar Energy Farm Kits
121841 Solar Energy DVD
652613 (10) Turbine House Packs
283726 (10) Turbine Board Packs
842193 Decision Maker Bulk Pack
842251 (2) Wheel Of Fortune Bulk Packs
520020 (10) Long Nose Pliers
520023 (10) Diagonal Cutters
580005 (5) Solder Spools
830010 (10) Soldering Iron Holders
810002 (10) Soldering Irons
810004 (10) Soldering Iron Tips



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