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Probably the Most VERSATILE Making System Designed Specially for Education by Educators
Fun Activities for All Ages and Abilities Science - Technology - Robots - Competition

This revolutionary new 'adjust parts in situ' making system was invented by Stewart Dunn while Head of Design and Technology in a UK school and while writing Design and Technology textbooks for design, technology, computer control and electronics.

The textbooks required good examples for students to make and be inspired by which meant using expensive kits, raw materials or art modelling materials. The need was and still is for more effective ways that schools can afford to carry out problem solving, modelling, and making activites for all abilities in combination with other kits and materials.

After trying hundreds of ideas he invented a unique multipurpose joint which has become the Kre8® hinged connector. Trials showed these unique connectors to be much more useful and versatile than had been expected and could be used, with a few other parts, to make or model just about anything and covers most of the Design and Technology curriculum faster and more economically than the alternative 'fixed position kits'.

To make the system even more versatile the rod size used was chosen to also be compatible with the other popular kits such as:- Lego Technic®, Knex®, Meccano® (called Erector® in the USA), Fishertechnik® as well card and art materials.

Stewart was given an award by NESTA (the National Endowment for Science and Technology) for Kre8®.

The Kre8® Making System is the most versatile making system due to it the unique 'hinge' connectors enabling parts to be adjusted as wanted by the user. With just a few standard parts almost any model can be assembled from simple structures to complex robots. It is proving to be particularly popular for group activities run by schools, libraries and universities for sessions often held after school time or in holidays.

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